Family Law

When you must deal with legal issues involving family, you are already under enough emotional strain. When you are fighting for your loved ones, your children, there is so much more at stake than the outcome of court proceedings. While family legal issues are always going to be burdensome, working with an attorney who understands that burden can help take some of the weight off your shoulders. Joseph R. Soto is a family law attorney who has helped many Fort Worth area clients draft prenuptial agreements, come to divorce and custody arrangements, and get through the process of a child being tried in the juvenile court system.

Prenuptial Agreements

Marriage is based on love, but it’s important to remember it is also a legal contract between two people. A prenuptial agreement is simply meant to protect the interests of both of those people in the event that the marriage ends in divorce. A prenuptial contract generally involves the distribution of assets, but it can dictate other terms, such as child custody, as well.

Divorce and Custody Issues

Divorce and custody disputes often go together, but they are separate matters in the eyes of the law. They can, however, be worked out concurrently, which is ideal for most people, who just want to legally end their marriages, work out an arrangement for the care and visitation of their children, and to begin moving on in their lives. In an ideal scenario, the divorce agreement, including the division of assets, and child custody and visitation arrangement can be negotiated in mediation. If this happens, you won’t even have to see a judge. Trying to work through a divorce as quickly and painlessly as possible is always the goal.

Representation in Juvenile Court

Having your child arrested for a crime is a terrifying thing most parents can’t even fathom. Not knowing what’s going to happen next, whether your child will be put in custody, or if he or she will end up with a criminal record are fears no parent should ever have to face. Getting a defense attorney with experience in the juvenile court system is imperative to mounting the best defense.

When you are getting married, getting divorced, separating from your child’s other parent, or have a child who has been charged with a crime, Joseph R. Soto can help you. Based out of Fort Worth, he serves clients in the area in matters of family law.